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EPS Foam Fabrication Overview
How EIFS Monuments Are Made
Our custom sign monument products are made using a nationally approved construction industry standard know as (EIFS) - Exterior Insulation and Finishing System. Here is a technical diagram and materials guidelines for the fabrication of our custom-made stucco sign monuments:

EIFS Diagram

Materials Guideline
  • 1. Core of structure is expanded polystyrene (EPS 1#CF).
  • 2. Aromatic fast-cure urethane (impact resistant) hard coat finish.
  • 3. Stucco top coat (100% aggregated acrylic).
  • 4. PVC Pipe (Schedule 40) integrated into structure.
  • 5. Steel Pipe inserted during installation (above grade secured with expanding adhesive).
  • 6. Concrete Footers (below grade as required by local Code).

Our sign monuments do not require a concrete slab. The EIFS construction system is designed to go directly on the ground (or facade). EIFS does not expand or contract throughout seasonal changes.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or if we may assist in any way.

We look forward to servicing your needs.

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