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Custom Foam Fabricators, Inc. introduces impact resistant, maintenance-free EPS foam-core signs. In addition to our faux masonry, our products also allow the ability to integrate your own sign elements, such as adding your own graphic panels, individual letters, and even electrical components such as light boxes and even LED panels.

Sign Products - Specialty Monument Signage

Specialty Monument Sign Example with faux stone, and customer provided graphic panels & integrated LED cabinet.

The hard coat protection insures an insect, bird and pest proof finish that is fire and impact resistant. The end result is a monument that will outlast any conventional stucco, wood or metal sign. We are so confident in the longevity of our products that we offer a seven year limited warranty.

How Our Specialty Sign Projects Are Made
All of our sign projects are custom made to order. We offer the production of custom designs, and the ability to integrate electrical components such as light boxes or even LED displays. We recommend you deliver the completed components to our facility so that we can then take true measurements for our fabrication process. This will ensure proper integration in fabricating your project.

More Product Information
Our specialty monument projects are made to order, and are priced by overall size (materials used) and production complexity.

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